What’s your story?


We don't know each other yet. But I know you have a story to tell.


The story matters very much. The story we believe about our body determines how we treat it.

Sometimes the story sounds like

  • "I can't ____________ because I __________.
  • "I've always had  ___________ so I don't __________________."
  • "Well, even though I  __________ I still have _________________."

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Or maybe you feel frustrated/ sad/ hopeless that you can't run or jump or squat or walk or sit without pain or peeing your pants or limping or feeling exhausted. Or maybe you think despite the pain or peeing or limping or exhaustion, you're going to keep running and jumping and walking because, darn it, what choice is there?

You have choices.

You are not your X-ray/MRI/ultrasound results.

You can do better than learn to live with it.

I can help you uncover the story you believe about your body and reveal the one your body has to tell about itself. It sounds something like this: "I was made for movement."

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