About reHABIT

reHABIT aims to help you explore the story you tell yourself about your body and to understand the habits and habitat that have shaped you to date. I create a safe and supportive space for you to nurture the body and health you want through exercise, natural movements, and habit changes.

I am both a Restorative Exercise Specialist™ and a licensed Physical Therapist.

When I am working for you as a Restorative Exercise Specialist™, I am working as a certified exercise trainer. I utilize my knowledge and skills in Restorative Exercise™ to create an individualized program to meet your health needs. If I am seeing you in a group exercise class, I will be teaching you Restorative Exercise™ while showing you how to tailor the exercises to your individual health needs.

When I am working for you as a Physical Therapist, I am working according to the standards of the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia. I utilize my over fifteen years of experience working with people with many different health conditions to create an individualized program to meet your health needs. I will use all of my acquired knowledge and skills as a physical therapist to support you to meet your health goals, including exercise prescription.  I will maintain a confidential, securely stored health file on you as per my College standards.

Whether I can best meet your needs in my capacity as a Restorative Exercise Specialist™ or as a Physical Therapist depends on your health concerns and goals.

Click here to learn more about my Restorative Exercise™ services and here for information on my Physical Therapy services. Or contact me to share some of your story and discuss what services may best fit your needs.

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